Aman Dureja

software developer

About Me

I am a hard-working, dedicated software developer who is always eager to experiment with new and emerging technologies. I aspire to write software that makes a real impact in consumers' lives. When I'm not writing code or reading tech blogs, I can be found playing the guitar, cooking, or at the squat rack (or all three together)! I am currently looking for a Software Engineering internship for Fall 2017.

I am a second-year Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Throughout my continuous education I have been exposed to various Computer Science and mathematical concepts that I apply to solving interesting problems every day.


Agile Software Engineer • TribalScale • Toronto, ON • Winter 2017

TribalScale is a mobile-first company that specializes in emerging technologies, connected devices, and the Internet of Things. Engineers practice Extreme Programming and rapid iteration. At TribalScale, I worked with Amazon Alexa, NodeJS, ReactJS, and Ruby on Rails to design and develop connected experiences. I have worked directly with clients including the NBA and Athos.

Software Developer in Test • Mappedin • Kitchener, ON • Summer 2016

Mappedin partners with retail clients to create interactive wayfinding solutions and tools for owners to manage dynamic spaces. Clients include Simon Property Group, Cadillac Fairview, and Oxford Properties. At Mappedin, I worked with ES6 JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Sahi Pro, and Jenkins to develop features and architect an automated testing pipeline for the Content Management System and digital kiosks.


ARM CPU Emulator
Software implementation of the ARM7TDMI CPU that interprets the ARMv4T instruction set, making use of virtual general purpose registers and byte-addressable RAM. Written in OCaml. Closely follows the five-stage RISC datapath when executing binary-encoded instructions.
A low-level, object-oriented server toolkit programmed using TCP sockets. Supports handling HTTP requests with callback functions.
Developed at Hack The North 2016. A back-end application that serves snippets from a digital library of public domain books via SMS protocols. Developed with NodeJS and ExpressJS. Uses Firebase services and API for data storage and retrieval. Leverages Python scripts to ingest and parse book content delivered as strings. Serves SMS messages through the Twilio API.
"Hotline Bling" Game
A side-scrolling game parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling". Developed as a multithreaded Java applet.
"GooseRun" Game
An infinite sidescroller where you play as a goose and must avoid running into obstacles. Developed on the Texas Instruments Launchpad and Orbit Boosterpack using C with the Energia IDE.
A smart, connected contacts manager application for the Pebble smartwatch. Created at Hack the North 2015.
Uses Python with Flask and the Twilio API to send and receive SMS messages via the Internet.
Available Courses
Leverages the University of Waterloo OpenData API with Python to determine which Waterloo courses require an inputted course as a prerequisite.